Date: 2017-12-111

Help received: 3 000 inr

Hey Everyone My name is Harpreet Singh. I am a Member of MMM Global. I Live in Mohali (Punjab),I joined this MMM Before 2 Years. I am very Happy to join this Community. I Provide help of 2000 Rupees on 23-10-2017 and I get Help of 3000 rupees on 07-12-2017. I am very happy to help other's, I also suggest to other's people's to join this community . Thank you very Much MMM India .

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Date: 2017-12-112

Help received: 0.1700 btc

amit member i am from u.p india provide help 3500/ -dated 14.7.17 get help total.23btc(.17btc date30.10.17,.01btc date 28.8.17,.01btc date11.8.17,.03btc date9.8.17,.01btc date8.8.17) i am very happy.

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Date: 2017-12-113

Help received: 0.0600 btc

My name is Rajesh .I am participant.I am from Shamli ,Uttarpardesh. I gate help 0.06 BTC dated 2017-12-06. I am very happy ,long live mmmindia.

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Date: 2017-12-114

Help received: 0.0500 btc

rupa garg member i am from shamli provide help .04btc dated 5.10.2017 get help .06btc(.05btc dated 21.11.2017,.01btc dated 9.11.2017) i am very satified

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Date: 2017-12-115

Help received: 0.0400 btc

pawan kumar member in system i am from u.p india provide help .7btc date 5.10.17 get help total .92btc(.84btc date29.10.17,.01btc27.10.17,.03btc date20.11.17,.04btc 22.11.17) i am very glad

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Date: 2017-12-116

Help received: 0.0400 btc

My name is Anita kumari. I am from Bihar. i am a member of MMMIndia. I received 0.04BTC from promo task contest. i am happy to MMMIndia. Very good system where people help each other. Thanks to Sergey Mavrodi. Long Live MMM India.

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Date: 2017-12-117

Help received: 0.0100 btc

1.yashpal 2.member 3.i am from u.p india 4.provide help .04btc date 24.10.17 5.get help .01btc i am very happy

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Date: 2017-12-118

Help received: 6 500 inr

my name is rehena khatun i am a member from mmmindia i from surat gujarat i am recive 6500rs i am very happy long live mmmindia long live sergey mavrodi ji we can change the world

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Date: 2017-12-119

Help received: 5 000 inr

myname is santosh i am a pariicipant i am from uttar pardesh i participate in mmm contast and get help 5000 inr on date 6/12/2017 mmm is the world fame community . we change the world

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Date: 2017-12-1110

Help received: 2 000 inr

hello dear friends my name is rammani kachhi I am 1k+guider I from surat Gujarat I am join the system 18/12/2015 I am receive downlines guider bonus 2000₹ mmmindia is world no-1 helping system I am join this so very happy Long live mmmindia long live sergey mavrodi

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