Now, you can participate in MMM using Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash


Dear participants! Our Community continues to develop. We are expanding our opportunities for providing/getting help and enable our users to participate in the system using popular cryptocurrencies Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as a payment method.

Like Bitcoin, these cryptocurrencies have a lot of advantages over bank transfers:

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MMM India Launches Promo-Task Contest


MMM India has announced a launch of promo-task contests. A relevant section has been created for the contest in the Personal Office (PO). The first contest starts today, on Monday, August 21, and ends on Sunday, September 3.

What is the contest procedure? Now the Community members get points for completing promo-tasks: from one point (for an easy task) to multiple points (for complex tasks). The number of points received can be seen in the ‘Promo-Tasks’ section in PO. Points are awarded to you immediately after the task is approved by the moderator. If the moderator rejects a task, they will usually add a comment that you should take into consideration when you are going to submit the task for the second time.

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MMM India is looking for loyal, ambitious and responsible leaders!


Dear friends! :-)) The mutual-aid fund MMM is actively developing and constantly improving worldwide. We become better and better, therefore we are looking for loyal leaders who are strive to move only forward and want to build big structures!

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How to get the guider's panel in offline mode.


Dear MMM India Participants! In response to your numerous requests, we have introduced the possibility of getting the guider’s panel in offline mode.

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National currencies demonetization enhances people’s confidence in cryptocurrencies


From the article you will know about such economic phenomenon as demonetization, about its negative impact on the simple people and why people opt for cryptocurrencies. 

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News Digest - 12/02/2018


Welcome dear friends! :-)) We wish you a positive mood and want to share with you the events of the last week.

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We are more than 250 million!


Dear friends! We are informing you about a significant event for all of us: in these past few days, the number of MMM members exceeded 250 million people worldwide which makes a quarter of a billion and one thirtieth of the the entire planet’s population!

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Techniques for improving productivity of a day


Effective work is one of elements of success. However, not everyone knows how to bring their own productivity to a high level. In the article you will find recommendations on how to do that.

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